Entrust And Entrusted


  1. Investment scope

Socio-economic infrastructure investment projects are prescribed in the overall strategic socio-economic developmental goals of the province and other priority investment project decided by the Provincial People’s Committee.

  1. Investment conditions

- The project must be approved in accordance with current regulations;

- The project must be effective with probable direct recoverability.

  1. Managing form

BVDIF participates as owner, co-owner of investment projects, or contributes capital with other entities to set up new enterprises (under the form of limited liability company or joint stock company) to invest in projects.

BVDIF directly manages the investment projects or hire external professional organisations to manage the investment projects in accordance with current regulations.

  1. Investment form

+ Business Cooperation Contract (BCC)

+ Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

+ Build- Transfer- Operate (BTO)

+ Build-Transfer (BT)

BVDIF is also allowed to select projects and exercise preparatory investment procedures, then carry out investment projects or cooperate with other investors to establish new enterprises to invest in projects, or transfer the projects.

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